» Effectively Marketing Real Estate Photography from Facebook

Effectively Marketing Real Estate Photography from Facebook

Are Your Social Efforts Productive to Increasing YOUR Business?

The wrong way

“Photographer posts the video to the Photographers Facebook Book page and “tags” the Realtor“

  • Facebook will always give credit of a post to the page or person who originally made the post
  • Because of the tag, the post shows up on the Realtors personal page
  • When you (or anyone else) clicks into the photo/video for the details, the headline of the post will always feature the Photographer’s page. The headline ALWAYS invites the viewer to “like” and or visit the Photographer’s business page

Even when the Realtor re-shares the post, it shows again on the Realtor’s personal page, the post headline still gives the credit for the original post i.e. back to the Photographer’s business page also inviting the viewer to like the Photographer’s page, not the Realtor’s page.


This method has very little benefit or gain to the Realtor.
There is no gain for Realtor’s over all social media growth and exposure.


The right way (the way of profit & gain for you)

Our aim is to build your reputation as a Realtor, sending the online traffic and attention back to you.

Our social process is designed to:

  • Increase the likes on your page, not mine
  • Create additional exposure for you the “Realtor”
  • Increase your credibility with the home owner
  • Build your book of business by increasing traffic to your website and social sites
    • Additionally, we not only work with Facebook, but we work with YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram –all geared to increasing your exposure and traffic to your website and your social media presence to ultimately help you gain credibility, grow your audience and increase your Real Estate business.

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